How it Works

MobilicityX are investigating the challenges faced by mobility-impaired groups when accessing the transport network by utilising mobile technology and the Organicity platform. We believe that engaging citizens in this challenge can have a significant impact on improving accessibility in the longer term, when deployed at scale.

We will leverage the capability of smartphones to keep track of their location to allow users to track their journeys’ as they use the London transport network. MobilicityX will then analyse this data to identify ‘mobility black spots’ which we hope to report to authorities responsible for areas of difficulty, including TfL, Network Rail and London Boroughs with suggested improvements.

Ethical Guidelines
  • Data will only be used for the purpose of identifying 'mobility black spots' on the London transport network with the aim of improving access for mobility-impaired users and for optimising routes for volunteers. The data will only be processed by members of the Spectra Analytics team who are the data controllers for this project; headed by the Lead Experimenter Dr Marcus Alexander Ong. Only data needed for this purpose will be collected and used within the defined scope. Data will not be used for unlawful purposes or beyond what a volunteer would reasonably expected.

  • To conduct this analysis we will need to track the location of volunteers and their degree of impairment.

  • Voluteers will be given password restricted access to their data where they can view all of the data stored about them and update any inaccurate information. Only the data controller (Spectra Analytics) will also have access to this information.

  • Personal data will only be stored for the length of the experiment. The experiment analysis may be kept for future use but this will not contain any personally identifiable information. All data that is no longer required will be deleted securely.

  • Data will only be used for purpose of experiment and accessible to the volunteer and data controller. Data Processors – individuals working with voluteers for purpose of running experiment – may have limited access. Data will not be shared with third parties or for direct marketing.

  • Data collection and processing will only take place with the volunteers explicit consent.

  • Voluteers may object to the data controller (Spectra Analytics) at any time. Spectra will clarify how the personal data has been processed and how they will remedy problems. If still dissatisfied they may report their concern to the ICO.

  • Voluteers will have access to the personal data stored about them and they will be able to delete this data at any time. Data will only be stored for the length of the experiment unless subject gives permission for its use in future experiments.

  • Volunteers have the right to be informed of the existence of the processing operation, its scope/limit and its purposes. They may seek clarification from the data controller (Spectra Analytics) at any time.

  • Access to a password restricted area allows the data subject to see and update their data and remove consent at any time or delete their data. voluteers will also be able to send an email to the data controller to remove consent.

  • The experimenter will avoid decisions based solely on automated processing of data, that produces legal or similarly significant effects in relation to the data subject

  • The experimenter will avoid and prevent profiling of children (under 16)

  • The experimenter will commit to adopt internal policies and implement measures which meet the principles of data protection by design and by default

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