With all the official paperwork out of the way, the MobiliCity team has finally begun to build and design our new app, which will be used to gather the data for our research.

Our data scientists are hard at work putting the OrganiCity tools to use in the construction of our app, while the rest of our team has begun to search for participants who are the key to our successful research.

Our app will track the trajectories of our volunteers (completely anonymously) as they use the London transport network over a three-month period.

Volunteers will also be able to make comments on their journeys and offer suggestions as they travel.

We will then use the data to infer “mobility black spots” along the network - zones which can be identified as key areas of inaccessibility.

Finally, we hope to report our findings to authorities responsible for areas of difficulty, including TfL, Network Rail and London Boroughs, with recommendations for improvements.

Now we need you!

We are looking for volunteers who, for any reason, find it difficult to physically access public transport to use our app and contribute to our dataset. This can include a wide variety of groups with mobility restrictions, from the elderly, to parents with pushchairs, to those with physical disabilities.

All data gathered remains anonymous and complies with EU privacy policies. If you believe you can help please get in contact (link to contact us page) or register your interest (link to our registration page) on our website and we will be in contact within 72 hours.

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